About Us

Phasor Innovation are experts in complex radio frequency design, analysis and systems integration.

We work with governments and industry partners to solve challenging RF and electromagnetics problems using an innovative application of design, simulation, measurement and analysis.


The Phasor Innovation team are qualified senior engineers and knowledgeable practitioners with expert industry experience in radio frequency and electromagnetics engineering. The team stays abreast of the latest developments in legislation, standards, technology and industry best-practice within Australia and around the world.


The Phasor Innovation team have several decades of combined experience solving a diverse range of RF and electromagnetics problems for defence and civilian organisations. Our experience includes solving complex platform integration problems, analysis of force protection electronic countermeasures (FP ECM) systems, near-field RF safety assessments and a broad range of research and development projects. 


We have a proven record of applying innovative solutions to challenging problems, providing clients with outcomes that achieve greater perfor-mance, efficiency, safety and cost savings. We work directly with government and/or industry partners to provide the right solutions to meet your needs.


Our strength lies in our ability to combine the very latest Computational Electromagnetic (CEM) simulation technology with state-of-the-art measurement, analysis and design techniques to solve real-world challenges in new improved ways that save time and money.

Defence Suppliers

The Phasor team members have worked within the Defence industry for many years, and during this time they have developed an in-depth
understanding of the complex environment for Defence Acquisition and Sustainment projects including:

  • ADF operational needs and requirements
  • CASG commercial processes and procedures
  • DSTG technical processes and procedures
  • ASDEFCON commercial and legal requirements
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System requirements
  • DSM Security Requirements
  • ITAR Requirements
  • Systems Engineering across the complete lifecycle for complex projects
  • Integrated Logistics Support elements