Antennas are a critical part of every RF system. Phasor Innovation has the expertise, experience and tools to design, optimise, manufacture and analyse antennas for any application.

Antenna Design

Phasor Innovation can design and develop custom antennas or optimise and modify existing antennas to meet your most challenging requirements from HF to >50GHz.

Phasor has extensive practical experience in antenna design and has access to the very best simulation, manufacturing and measurement tools. We have experience in developing a wide range of antenna types, from vehicle mounted antennas to highly integrated PCB
component-level antennas. Some typical antenna applications are:

  • Communications
  • Wireless Networking
  • Surveillance
  • Electronic Warfare
  • Control and monitoring
  • Remote Sensing
  • Medical Devices

Phasor Innovation can also help with unusual antenna applications, such as:

  • Covert antennas for sensitive applications
  • Body-worn antennas
  • Implantable antennas for bio-medical applications

Radome Design

Phasor Innovation has experience developing radomes for demanding applications. We use modern materials and manufacturing processes to optimise mechanical and electromagnetic performance.

Antenna Analysis

Even the simplest antennas are affected by their surrounding environment. An antenna’s real-world environment can affect performance in
many ways, such as:

  • RF Safety
  • Co-site Interference
  • Radiation pattern
  • Communication range
  • Multi-path propagation
  • Radome effects

Phasor can analyse, predict and optimise the performance of antennas in complex environments.Some examples of antenna analysis are:

Platform-Mounted Antennas

Radiation Patterns

Human Interaction


Indoor Propagation

Wireless Networking

RF Safety

Co-Site Interference