RF Radiation Hazards for Fuel

It is possible for fuel vapors to be accidently ignited by radio frequency induced arcs during fuel handling operating in close proximity to high
power RF transmitters. The probability of fuel vapor ignition during normal fuel handling (following proper processes) is often considered remote
because several conditions must exist simultaneously to support combustion. Nevertheless, the potential for hazardous conditions is real, and
proper assessment of the HERF risk must be conducted by owners and operators of equipment to ensure they are safe for use.

Phasor can support projects acquiring new equipment and existing in-service equipment with any matters related to Radiation Hazards to Fuel or
HERF. Our team has a sound knowledge and understanding of the key US, UK and Australian standards as follows:

  • DEF(AUST)5695
  • BS 6656
  • NAVSEA OP 3565 Vol 1
  • MIL-STD-464

The Phasor team has proven experience conducting HERF Assessments for customers in Defence and Industry, including assessment of Radiation
hazards to Fuel as part of overall systems safety programs. If required, our team can complete detailed assessments for potential RF ignition
hazards of fuel on vehicles and facilities. If any unacceptable hazards are found, Phasor works with the customer to develop control measures
to ensure that the equipment is safe for use.