RF Engineering

RF Engineering

The Phasor Innovation team have many years of experience in all aspects of Radio Frequency & Microwave Engineering, from design of components and complex circuits to antennas and integration of RF systems onto platforms. The combined skills and experience of the team, along with the very latest tools and technology, allow us to solve the most challenging RF problems.

Design and Analysis

Phasor can design custom solutions or analyse existing components, systems or problems to meet your needs. Here are some examples:

  • RF Systems
  • Antennas and radomes
  • Active and passive RF circuits and components
  • Microwave and millimetre-wave components and systems
  • Waveguide components and circuits
  • Integration of RF systems
  • Radar and Phased Arrays
  • Electromagnetic structure analysis
  • Radar Cross Section
  • Propagation


Modelling and Simulation

Recent advances in computing power and software have made it possible to analyse and visualise electromagnetic behaviour in remarkable detail. This has revolutionised the field of RF engineering by allowing large, complex and detailed structures to be modelled and simulated with astonishing accuracy. Phasor Innovation has the very latest in state-of-the-art computational electromagnetic software tools, backed up by sound theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

Some applications of modelling and simulation:

RF Safety

Antenna Performance

FP ECM Performance

Radar Cross Section

Design Optimisation


Co-site Interference

Electro-Explosive Devices
Our modelling and simulation software and hardware suppliers:

Matlab and Simulink

HP Z Workstations